Circling the Square has experience in all aspects of project management relating to the commissioning of artists, supporting and supervising the creation of their work. We have summarised below some of the key stages CTS would consider in engaging artists:

Preparation of Artist Briefs

CTS would recommend that feasibility or design studies should be carried out on any project to establish the overall context of the artwork social, cultural and environmental before preparing the artists brief. The information gathered from this process to then inform the artist briefs and relating them to existing budgets, potential fundraising targets and timescales.

Recruitment of Artists

Circling the Square can support in the recruitment of artists, as well as designers, architects and specialist craftspeople and fabricators. CTS can call upon its own team of artists or associated freelancers and companies who have a track record of producing successful public art and environmental schemes. However, CTS can also provide independent recruitment services of artists through a national advertisement, short listing and direct invitation process. CTS has the experience to support the client through the recruitment and selection of artists

Contracting & Commissions

Circling the Square can provide project management services in contracting artists and supervision of work to budget and agreed timescale. CTS can prepare contracts for work covering both the responsibilities of the commissioner and artist, warranties and repairs, fees and payments, copyrights and credits. The contracts to also ensure that the artist have the appropriate level of insurances, i.e. public liability and be prepared if necessary to provide method statements, risk assessment for installation work and information (when necessary) in compliance with CDM (health & safety). CRB Check are required when work with children.


Artists to be made aware and be responsible for maintaining a good photographic record of the artwork process. They also need respond to the evaluation requirement of gathering to both quantitative and qualitative information to support the evaluation of projects.

Steve & Tim

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