Fabrication & Installation

Circling the Square has experience of the fabrication and installation of public artwork and associated landscaping in many different mediums and materials. Some artists will produce their own final artwork, however in many cases other craftspeople, steelworkers, lighting specialists and site contractors will also be involved in the fabrication and installation of the work. Circling the Square can deliver the management and contracting of these works.

Circling the Square also as the appropriate insurances for undertaking this work including public liability, employers liability and professional indemnity.

Some examples of the range mediums and material in Circling the Squares projects:


Circling the Square incorporates lighting in many of its sculptural and environmental projects, including LED feature lighting, fibre-optics and conventional lighting effects.


The fabrication of sculptural artwork in either stainless steel or mild steel with protective epoxy coatings. Techniques such as laser cut fretwork for design detail and imagery.


Artwork incorporating text and imagery using vitreous enamels and photographic images on aluminium.


Circling the Square has undertaken many projects using mosaics; marble, vitreous glass and ceramic. Mosaic is one the best ways for creating opportunities for local people to participate in the making of the artwork and providing a sense of ownership in the project.


Arts treatment of the glass panels either with 3D cast glass designs, etched glass or vinyl coloured layered artwork. In addition to this feature lighting can be used to illuminate the glass artwork.

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