Circling the Square was formed in 2002 by artist Tim Ward who graduated from Goldsmiths' College, London in 1980 with a degree in Fine Art. Since then Tim has worked extensively in designing, managing and implementing public art projects and creative programmes within regeneration schemes.

Circling the Square's commitments are:

  • The application of artistic principles to urban design, in working to create places rich in meaning, dramatic in appearance and individual in character.

  • Collaborative working on delivering projects, from initiating strategies to the implementation of innovative projects.

  • Engaging all sectors of culturally diverse communities to tackle local issues and developing creative solutions.

  • Promoting high quality environmental, social & cultural regeneration projects that deliver on creating the urban and rural renaissance.

A key element in all our work is the ability to work in partnership with local communities and establishing participation programmes that enable them significant contribution in shaping their environment. Circling the Square brings a creative approach to projects; from identifying opportunities for innovative projects, costing & programming work, fundraising, developing imaginative ways of fully engaging local communities within the creative process.

Artist Tim Ward who leads all Circling the Square projects designs & implements public art, street furniture & environmental projects, combining a variety of different media ranging from steelwork, glass, stone, photographic plates, signage, landscaping and lighting features. CTS is committed to working collaboratively in delivering projects, aiming to create projects of real value which are strongly supported both by local communities and their project partners & which imbue a shared sense of ownership and pride in the improvements.

Tim is an elected member of the Art Workers Guild.